Swabbing and Chlorination

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Swabbing and Chlorination Services

We carry out Swabbing & Chlorination of water systems. Chlorination involves the following steps: Performing a pre-flush and/or swabbing of the pipe. Chlorine solution is introduced into the system for a period of time to sterilize it. introducing a chlorine solution into the system for a period of time. adding a chlorine solution to it and letting it sit for a period of time. De-chlorination of the system after the period of time has expired.

pipeline chlorination
hydrostatic pressure testing


We carry out Watermain Chlorination procedures to EUSR Standards in line with Irish Water’s Requirements.

The dosing unit that we use is battery operated thus reducing our impact on the enviornment by not needing to have a generator running.

Chlorine Content testing

Our inteligent dosing unit adds the correct amount of chlorine to the water solution to match the flow, thus reducing the risk of the solution having an incorrect concentration.

​We carry out Chlorine Content Testing in both high and low ranges. We can pick up chlorine from 0ppm – 1000ppm. We also carry out water sampling, which is tested by an accredited laboratory.

pipeline chlorination
What Is A Water Management System?


Once chlorination of a pipe system has been carried out, the chlorine solution must be disposed of correctly. We use Sodium Thiosulphate to neutralize the solution before disposing it while De-Chlorination is being carried out.

​If de-chlorination procedures are not carried out correctly, it would have a mojor impact on Flora and Fauna

Our Certification

We carry out all testing and sterilisation in line with IW-CDS-5020-02.

Our welders are accredited welders, logbook holders and EUSR certified.

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