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Peafield Pipe Specialist

Over the years, we have built up the experience to handle basically any project with ease. We Specialise in Watermain Welding, Both Electrofusion and Butt Fusion. We have the most modern and efficient welding machines available. We have over 15 years of experience working with water systems.

We are experts in Hydrostatic Pressure testing of watermains, We can provide a 5 Page report after each test to show the result. A pressure test is an essential component of pipeline commissioning, which allows us to check the integrity of the pipeline immediately following construction as well as prior to placing the pipeline in service.

We carry out in, Chlorination & De-Chlorination of Pipelines to suit your needs. Chlorination & De-Chlorination is a requirement for all newly constructed water supply pipelines and mains prior to connection to an existing water network. The process is carried out following a successful Hydrostatic Pressure test. In addition to verifying that the pipeline materials and construction methods were adequate, the post-construction pressure test is also important to ensure that the pipeline is leak-free.

​We are based in Laois, but we carry out works all over Ireland. Our main body of work is in Dublin.

pipeline chlorination
Our Certification

We carry out all testing and sterilisation in line with IW-CDS-5020-02.

Our welders are accredited welders, logbook holders and EUSR certified.

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