We Specialize In All Aspects Of Water Management In Ireland.

Electrofusion and Butt Fusion

We carry out Electro Fusion and Butt fusion jointing of pipes. The Majority of our work is in water HDPE welding, but we also carry out small and large diameter sewer and gas pipe welding.

Pressure Testing

Our Pressure Testing Rigs have up to date calibration certificate for all components. Our data logger meassure the pressure and flow every 5 seconds of the test. We Carry out Watermain Pressure testing for a variety of clients

Swabbing and Chlorination

We carry out Swabbing & Chlorination of water systems. Chlorination involves the following steps: Performing a pre-flush and/or swabbing of the pipe. Chlorine solution is introduced into the system for a period of time to sterilize it. introducing a chlorine

Our Certification

We carry out all testing and sterilisation in line with IW-CDS-5020-02.

Our welders are accredited welders, logbook holders and EUSR certified.

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